Sunday, November 22, 2009

Graaff Reinet = Love

I don't think I've come across a town prettier than Graaff Reinet. Filled with exquisite churches, parks, chocolatiers and antique shops, we were in explorer's heaven. This was the beautiful view from one of the antique shops we found, I want to dance on the rooftops.

We arrived at the International Mohair Summit a little later (we took our sweet time enjoying the pretties before getting to work) and got the mannequins all set up and ready for the trade show.

The summit was swarming with fashion 'big-wigs' which was great, as we got to meet many established designers, editors and trend forecasters. The best thing was getting feedback on my collection from these people, as most of them had lovely things to say and were interested in helping me progress in my career.

We were lucky enough to be invited to meet Li Edelkoort and witness one of her hugely influential trend forecast conferences. It was absolutely awe-inspiring and partly lead to my big career decision, to start my own business. Exciting!

The African themed evening was the best. These lovely ladies painted our faces in the traditional style and the venue was like a malibu holiday resort, in the middle of South Africa. Wonderful!

Well I think they're pretty...

I took these 3 photo's while tipsy at an exhibition after party. My photographer friend said they're lame but I think they're beautiful. Not that I'm particularly into abstract stuff, but I like the pastels.