Saturday, March 13, 2010

Its like a magical sky jellyfish

I found this dress at the end of Marc Jacobs spring collection and gasped out loud. It's a dress-dream come true.

Friday, March 12, 2010


Say hello to my latest vintage find, a seriously RED waist length top with pooffy sleeves, button-up back and this intense black and gold embroidery. It has a crass kind of beauty, but I love it.

Crossing borders

Jean-Paul Gaultier has always been a firm favourite, and this season's collection made my eyes hurt with awe. A lovely mash up of cultural influences resulted in a pleasing array of colour, textures from velvets to cloudy soft fur and some delectably intricate leatherwear. Headgear reigned supreme, with little floppy doeks and large Russian looking fur hats, while ice cream coloured tights gave a girly contrast to the hard leather and ethnic patterning.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Mohair Love

New catalog images for my website (, here is your first look... modelling and photography by the lovely Farran Bagg, what talent!

Striped navy dress.

Design Indaba 2010

After months of waiting, I finally found out that I was accepted to exhibit at the Emerging Creatives section at Design Indaba. Two weeks to create a mini boutique and stock it full of clothes, oh my goodness! We worked until at least 10pm everyday and finally made it to the event with a trunk load of clothes and a boutique in a box.

My little two square metre shop was overflowing with excited customers, each wanting a piece of the prettiness! The clothes flew off the hangers and by the third day I was left with two measley looking rails, dressed with only a few items each. The remainder of the clothes are now availabe at Mememe in Long Street, Cape Town. Go have a look! xoxo

Friday, March 5, 2010

J&B Met

In November 2009 I entered the J&B Fashion Challenge, a fashion design competition and model search which eliminated finalists over 3 rounds. After surviving the scrutiny of the judges and the competitors in the first two rounds, 'Start a Party' and 'Green Glamour', I made it through to the last stage of the challenge. The final round was named according to the J&B Met (a major horse race/fashion event) theme for this year, 'In Full Colour.'

Challenging it was, to design a winning dress overnight, choose the fabrics the very next day and create something to please the judges (whose taste I'd come to know over the previous two stages). I needed to create a colourful, glamourous showstopper, although my inherent style is significantly more subdued. The fabric I found was dauntingly bright and way over the kitsch borderline, but I had plans for this loud silk satin.

I spent hours creating paper patterns for an enormously full skirt and days hand beading the bust piece. But it was all worth the sweat and tears, because although it was only by two points, I won the first prize! An all expenses paid, luxury trip to Cape Town, a VIP ticket to the J&B Met where I would be surrounded by fashion big wigs and celebrities. Good fun.

The hotel was exquisite, the lobby towering with two storey water features and palm trees, enormous marble pillars and the friendliest smiles to welcome us. I squealed when I saw the number 2806 on my room key, this meaning I would be sleeping high up on the twenty eighth floor, above the summery city. I swooshed the curtains open, like a Disney princess and fell onto the king size marshmallow soft bed.

The Met welcomed us with a glass of champagne, sushi, caviar and all the lovelies one can think of. A mini day spa offered massages throughout the day while GHD and L'Oreal Paris made us feel like stars with professional hair and make up. We were entertained by some of the country's top performers and socialized with the elite.