Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Long time...

Eep I haven't blogged in ages... Kyle just bought a Nintendo DS and I have been sadly addicted for a week! I also have the flu so I've been in bed and lazy. I've been quite slack about my creative projects, I've been feeling very distracted lately and have only sort of clicked back to reality today.

Kerys and I went to a birthday party last week... we had to play this horrible game which involves plenty downing of horribly strong drinks. Being responsible young adults, we ended up 'nominating' the poor birthday girl to have most of our drinks.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Knee How

Photographs from Taiwan 2005 !!


In the navy

Hello... So I thought I'd just post something quick and pretty today. I went for breakfast with my aunt at Vovo Telo this morning, my favourite bakery/cafe! I wore my beautiful yellow blouse from my sister with a navy pinafore dress and my exquisite Marine cardigan which I found at big second hand clothing warehouse in Knysna. I love it!


Monday, April 20, 2009

No Kak

Its been a lovely weekend, spent most of it lazing and yesterday I did my entry for the 'No Kak' competition. No Kak is a competition which focusses on environmentally friendly design. The theme is 'World Cup Fashion - Naturally Passionate and Fashionably Natural.' All entries must be designed using natural fabrics, dyes etc which do not have an adverse effect on the environment. I designed a little dress which is covered in coral coloured ruffles (layers of red and peach) in a fish scale pattern. The cropped jacket of hemp silk has a long 'bib' which is crocheted in mohair and embedded with pearls. All the fabrics used are completely harmless to the environment.

Friday, April 17, 2009


Hai! Yesterday my lovely boyfriend took my on the first half of my 21st birthday shopping spree... yay! I bought some fantastic items, which I will share after my birthday, since I'm only actually getting them then. But the one thing he let me keep was this exquisite yarn. Its black and dark dark maroon with black glittery pieces and looks a lot like fur. So I knitted it into a scarfie type thing this morning. I felt like getting dressed up all fifties, since I was invited to some event at the Opera House (that place always makes me feel rather grand). I feel a bit silly uploading these photos, but I had lots of fun doing a little home photoshoot hehe...The furry yarn is alot prettier in reality, the glitteriness doesn't show up so well in the photo's.

And then I got carried away

This is what inspired me

Oh my god, Elie Saab, that is the best fur item I've ever seen! Magnificent!


Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Felt good

Puns. Hi hi hi... SO my first project using the bag of goodies! I decided the first ingredient I'd use from the bag of wonders would be the felt. I saw some children's felt puppets up in Plett over the holidays and have been keen to try out some felt art for myself. There wasn't much of a selection when it came to colours, most of the pieces were green and looked much like pool table felt. I found a nice pink piece, but when I applied the glue, it seeped right through and made horrible marks all over my clam shell. Maybe I should use Pritt rather than clear adhesive? Anyway, I ended up using black.



I thought I'd just throw in a picture of my favourite shoes, thrifted at Hospice. They're so beautifully worn, oh and they're resting on my favourite shrug too, also thrifted from Hospice.

And this, I forgot to add in the previous post, I found it in the bag and had a giggle. Its braiding with cute little hand embroidered socks across it. So sweet.


Monday, April 13, 2009


So this is my third creative project; shopping at the Splash Festival. The reason it falls under my 'creative projects' category is because one really needs to be creative to be able to shop (and find something worth buying) at the Splash. So amongst all the junk, hypnotist shows and greasy food stalls, I found 3 items. The first is a scarf from and eastern type stall. I thought the print was quite nice and I might be able to make a top or something with it, since its a decent size piece of cloth. I wouldn't wear it as a scarf and I'm going to have to be quite careful not to make whatever garment I use it for look too exotic-beach/evening-dress-a-la-JLo. We'll see what happens when I get some inspiration for it.

The second item is a sweet little black chiffon blouse with a bow, which will look cute with something cinched in the waist because its quite wide. And of course it will need a nice lacy cami or something. Which reminds me, my boyfriend's step mom gave me a black bag full of sewing wonders. Lots of antique lace, crochet cotton, ribbons, belt buckles, buttons and the list goes on. Yay how lovely! I'll post more about it later, was too lazy to bring the massive bag up to my flat tonight.

Anyway, the third item is an adorable grey patent Alice band with a cute bow type thing, similar to the bows they make with florist ribbon to put on gifts. I love Alice bands.

I haven't been sticking to my contract and doing projects everyday, since this Easter weekend has been quite busy. We did the whole Sunday lunch with family thing, and today I had to help Kyle move. Also I started playing this new game on Kyle's xbox (yes), its called Eternal Sonata, and its exquisite. Its taken up the rest of my weekend. Look how pretty it is...

Beauuuuutiful. Anyway its late and my eyes are drooping, so cheerio! xoxo

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Creative project #2

Hello deers. So yesterday I did my second creative project, a little headpiece. It was the first thing I thought of as I woke up, so I jumped out of bed, grabbed a scarf, a needle and thread and a pair of scissors and headed for the balcony.

So what I did was, I took a pretty silk scarf which I bough in Plett over the holidays (only R20 - nice deal) and rouched it up into like a disk. I made a bow on the one end of the scarf and when I reached it, I stitched in onto the top of the little hat part... don't know if this is all making sense, but here are the pics...

back - you can see the flat 'disc' part... I stitched a big hairclip onto the bottom.

We went to the Splash Festival yesterday, so here's what I wore my new accessory with:
Silver vintage jersey thrifted from Portobello Road, black patent belt, brown bag, brown shoes all thrifted, floral dress by me, mesh tights by me.