Sunday, November 22, 2009

Graaff Reinet = Love

I don't think I've come across a town prettier than Graaff Reinet. Filled with exquisite churches, parks, chocolatiers and antique shops, we were in explorer's heaven. This was the beautiful view from one of the antique shops we found, I want to dance on the rooftops.

We arrived at the International Mohair Summit a little later (we took our sweet time enjoying the pretties before getting to work) and got the mannequins all set up and ready for the trade show.

The summit was swarming with fashion 'big-wigs' which was great, as we got to meet many established designers, editors and trend forecasters. The best thing was getting feedback on my collection from these people, as most of them had lovely things to say and were interested in helping me progress in my career.

We were lucky enough to be invited to meet Li Edelkoort and witness one of her hugely influential trend forecast conferences. It was absolutely awe-inspiring and partly lead to my big career decision, to start my own business. Exciting!

The African themed evening was the best. These lovely ladies painted our faces in the traditional style and the venue was like a malibu holiday resort, in the middle of South Africa. Wonderful!

Well I think they're pretty...

I took these 3 photo's while tipsy at an exhibition after party. My photographer friend said they're lame but I think they're beautiful. Not that I'm particularly into abstract stuff, but I like the pastels.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Bon Forêt

Its bright and sunny outside and I have that special, anxious feeling that I would get as a kid when the holidays were beginning. After a very long week of sleepless nights I had all sorts of moms helping with sewing, and I finally completed my collection for hand in. Its amazing how all the little things you have to fix up take the longest time.

A few weeks ago, Sasha and I did the photoshoot for the collection. It was by chance that we found the location. While we were straining to think of a good place to shoot, I suggested that we try the beautiful little cottage style house over the road. We popped over, bravely, to ask the owner if she would let us turn her house into a fashion studio. Not only did she invite us in to have a look around, but we discovered that her house was a wonderland of beautiful nooks with a magical garden, ideal for the shoot. We ended up staying for tea, the sweet Earl Grey was handed to me in a beautiful blue and white china tea cup and saucer, while the kitty, Princess, swirled around my ankles. Perfect!

fashion, knitwear, mohair, design, art, creative, beautiful, pretty, tea party, wool
fashion, knitwear, mohair, design, art, creative, beautiful, pretty, tea party, wool
fashion, knitwear, mohair, design, art, creative, beautiful, pretty, tea party, wool
fashion, knitwear, mohair, design, art, creative, beautiful, pretty, tea party, wool

fashion, knitwear, mohair, design, art, creative, beautiful, pretty, tea party, wool

fashion, knitwear, mohair, design, art, creative, beautiful, pretty, tea party, wool
fashion, knitwear, mohair, design, art, creative, beautiful, pretty, tea party, wool
fashion, knitwear, mohair, design, art, creative, beautiful, pretty, tea party, wool

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Long time no see...

Hello there! *echo...echo..echo...* Its been non-stop madness since my last post (which was like 5 centuries ago) and all the work is finally coming to an end.

Our annual fashion show was cancelled half way through the year because the sponsors pulled out due to 'recession issues', so the massive responsibility fell into the hands of the students. We were asked to put together a showcase featuring all the work of the 3rd and 4th years from Photography, Graphic Design, Fashion Design and Interior Design. 'The Collective,' as we named it, grew with publicity and word of mouth and turned into a major event with pre-parties, present parties and after parties. The fashion show and exhibition opening were spectacular, showing off work from all the design departments. The truck load of box wine also eased the night along nicely.

models, fashion show, graphic design, photography, recession, collective, exhibtion, designFun with pro make up

Luckily, my collection was finished in good time, so the show was pretty stress free on my part. Kerys and I spent the evening backstage drinking ciders and red bull and making fun of 90's boy models. Kerys calling one very arrogant queen model a tannie (aunty) was the highlight of the evening.

models, fashion show, graphic design, photography, recession, collective, exhibtion, designBeautiful backstage chaos

Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jo'burg and Lolita

Hello there, it has indeed been a long, long time. I was very lucky to win a trip up to Johannesburg last weekend to compete in the finals of the No Kak fashion competition. We were treated to a lovely guest house suite each, what fun! Hello mini champagne, heated beds and buffet breakfast! The fashion show was a little unorganised, my awesome gladiators disappeared just before the show, so the model had to wear some lamo mules..ugh! And the dress didn't really fit her, but she still looked cute. Ta da...!

I know, I know, its nothing like my original storyboard, but unfortunately I didn't get the fabrics I requested so this is what became of the situation!

mohair, organic, hemp, silk, dress, elegant, fashion, style
Laz, Kelly and I had the best time doing gay family photos and amateur fashion shoots on statues... They were totally going ANTM with the elephant shots, especially Laz with the Sarah-copies-Joanie pose!

My dear friend Hanlie in Plett asked me very nicely to make a dress for her. This is what I made her, sweet non? I love it, I want one for myself (not gona happen - I am lazy when it comes to me...ME). It is very lolita to me. She's doing a shoot with a friend soon, so as soon as I get the pics with her in it, I will post ala Dewdrops. Please excuse my shocking photography. I read a guide on good blogging photography the other day which almost made me weep with disgust, I really must get things together. Till then, deal with these :)


Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Little Monte Carlo

When my best friend, Dacey, lived in Plettenberg bay, we would often pretend that it was our own little version of Monte Carlo (my dream town). I spent last weekend up there to see the people who are buying my mohair shrugs and to see my brother. The place where the mohair people are based is a beautiful store out in the countryside with gorgeous products, unlike the odd little fuzzy mohair blanket shop I imagined. I also spent a day teaching the ladies there to make cardigans which they will possibly make and sell under my label in the future... exciting!

Saturday was magical! We spent the morning at this amazing little farmers market which is held in a big clearing in a forest outside Sedgefield. It was full of beautiful foods and fresh produce...and olives!!!!! Yummmm!!! *died and gone to olive heaven*

On our way out of Sedgefield we found a vintage car dealership. I then continued to die and go to car heaven. There was a giant pink Cadillac, like a marshmallow on wheels!!Beauuutiful! Daddy can I have one pleeeeeease! *nag* Ah and I wore my favourite turquoise dress, black cardi, tights and boots and my big old cream shrug... winter weekend wear.

Sexy mafioso car... I think its a Camero...nice!

Could a car be any cuter?


I am totally inspired by these cars! Imagine the sweet outfits you could wear with these cars...Oh my god what fun!

Anyway, I'm keeping very veryyyyy busy with knitting etc at the moment. I'm starting my collection now (I'm such a procrastinator) and am hoping to finish it by September. Wish me luck!! I will post some more pics of my work soon. I just sent my outfit for the No Kak competition up to Johannesburg, but will take some pictures of it when I go up there on the weekend. Till then, cheerio dearios!


Friday, June 12, 2009

So busy busy!

Oh oh oh, I've been so terribly busy! I've spent the entire week making a big order of shrugs for a lovely shop in Plett, and I'm going up there this weekend to so some ladies how to make cardigans...knit knit knit!! So this is why I haven't been blogging! And I don't have time for a proper post right now. But I'll share this; I created a little logo for myself.

Natalie Creed Logo
Sweet non? Have a lovely weekend!! *love*


Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Organization = Productivity

Wow! Organizing my work area has proved to be most beneficial to my wardrobe. Ever since I cleaned up the other day I've been so productive and motivated. I think that will be my key to success. So yesterday, just on a whim, before watching Days of Our Lives, I made this beautiful little top. I never do that! Its awesome!

The fabric is some synthetic knit which I found amongst all those bags, it has a lovely shimmer to it. The lace is vintage, I found it at art in the park.

So this is my new way of life, organization organization organization!
That is difficult to say 3 times.


Monday, June 1, 2009

I love my new dress

My friend Jenna was so sweet as to give me this exquisite Japanese kimono fabric last week. Its absolutely beautiful, and I love how it has two different prints. It has sections with the navy and floral print, and then sections with the stripes and floral. So instead of throwing it into my pile of fabrics that I say I will use (one day), but never will (this doesn't apply to these), I decided to get right onto it and make myself a beautiful dress! I'll take a picture of me wearing it when I go out in it.

We went to a cat show on Saturday, it was magnificent! I LOVE cats (not in a catlady kind of way) and was in awe of all the beautiful kitties. These were my favourites...