Thursday, April 8, 2010

A whole year and a day...shew

Can't believe I've been writing little posts on this here blog for 366 days. Well not everyday, but still. So here are some piccies from my 'Inspiration' folder, which I've been collecting for a while. I can't reference them unfortunately because I always forget to make notes of where I find pictures. So *credit* to everyone who is involved. Oh I remember some of them now. Amor Coetzee, The Advertising Archives, Lula, Mademoiselle Robot, Tavi, The Neverending Story,

Oh my goodness, image overload. Sorry :) And, oh, I have some other good news. I got a job as a knitwear designer! Its a company that makes mohair products and have now put me in charge of their new fashion division. How exciting! I've been working there for about three weeks now and its been fun!! I actually get excited to go to work and feel sad when I have to leave, weird. So as soon as I find out if its okay to blog about what I make at work, I will upload some pics. We're doing an exhibition at the Alliance Francais for a month starting this weekend, anyone in the P.E. area, pop in and see. I'll be sharing the space with the lovely Steph from Silverspoon and Tasha from Swallow Me Whole. Come see! xxx


  1. Wow amazing pictures, so inspiering:)

  2. Congratulations! I'd love to see the pictures.