Thursday, July 2, 2009

Jo'burg and Lolita

Hello there, it has indeed been a long, long time. I was very lucky to win a trip up to Johannesburg last weekend to compete in the finals of the No Kak fashion competition. We were treated to a lovely guest house suite each, what fun! Hello mini champagne, heated beds and buffet breakfast! The fashion show was a little unorganised, my awesome gladiators disappeared just before the show, so the model had to wear some lamo mules..ugh! And the dress didn't really fit her, but she still looked cute. Ta da...!

I know, I know, its nothing like my original storyboard, but unfortunately I didn't get the fabrics I requested so this is what became of the situation!

mohair, organic, hemp, silk, dress, elegant, fashion, style
Laz, Kelly and I had the best time doing gay family photos and amateur fashion shoots on statues... They were totally going ANTM with the elephant shots, especially Laz with the Sarah-copies-Joanie pose!

My dear friend Hanlie in Plett asked me very nicely to make a dress for her. This is what I made her, sweet non? I love it, I want one for myself (not gona happen - I am lazy when it comes to me...ME). It is very lolita to me. She's doing a shoot with a friend soon, so as soon as I get the pics with her in it, I will post ala Dewdrops. Please excuse my shocking photography. I read a guide on good blogging photography the other day which almost made me weep with disgust, I really must get things together. Till then, deal with these :)



  1. I love your lolita rokkies signora <3 I want them all!

  2. Wow that's truly beautiful. Im so jealous of your talent... I wish I could make sth like tht too!