Wednesday, June 24, 2009

My Little Monte Carlo

When my best friend, Dacey, lived in Plettenberg bay, we would often pretend that it was our own little version of Monte Carlo (my dream town). I spent last weekend up there to see the people who are buying my mohair shrugs and to see my brother. The place where the mohair people are based is a beautiful store out in the countryside with gorgeous products, unlike the odd little fuzzy mohair blanket shop I imagined. I also spent a day teaching the ladies there to make cardigans which they will possibly make and sell under my label in the future... exciting!

Saturday was magical! We spent the morning at this amazing little farmers market which is held in a big clearing in a forest outside Sedgefield. It was full of beautiful foods and fresh produce...and olives!!!!! Yummmm!!! *died and gone to olive heaven*

On our way out of Sedgefield we found a vintage car dealership. I then continued to die and go to car heaven. There was a giant pink Cadillac, like a marshmallow on wheels!!Beauuutiful! Daddy can I have one pleeeeeease! *nag* Ah and I wore my favourite turquoise dress, black cardi, tights and boots and my big old cream shrug... winter weekend wear.

Sexy mafioso car... I think its a Camero...nice!

Could a car be any cuter?


I am totally inspired by these cars! Imagine the sweet outfits you could wear with these cars...Oh my god what fun!

Anyway, I'm keeping very veryyyyy busy with knitting etc at the moment. I'm starting my collection now (I'm such a procrastinator) and am hoping to finish it by September. Wish me luck!! I will post some more pics of my work soon. I just sent my outfit for the No Kak competition up to Johannesburg, but will take some pictures of it when I go up there on the weekend. Till then, cheerio dearios!


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