Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Birthday Parteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!

This weekend is my birthday party! I'm turning 21 on the 8th.. eep fun! So I've decided to keep my party small, just close friends and family. After much umming and ahing about the theme, I decided to do the 'Dress up as the letter ---', but instead of having everyone dress as one letter, they're each getting their own. Here's the invitation (the rainbow lifts up and there's a letter underneath)...sweet!
I got the letter 'J' !! yay for J... So I'm going Japanese. But not traditional Japanese, Tokyo Japanese, y'know, Harajuku and what not. Les inspiration:

That hat desperately needs to be mine.


So I went out with my brother today (he got the letter 'S' and while at the second hand store I had the genius idea that he should go as 'senile,' so we got him some mighty grandpa clothing old chap, and his entire outfit is sorted for a mere R29! Deal!) Anyway, as I was saying, I popped into the local Chinese store to look for accessories, found some cute lace stockings, white organza scrunchies for pigtails and cute cupcake bobbles.

Then popped into Mums for some fabric. Was going to make a poofy little dress but later decided it'd be rather unflattering in gingham, so I opted for a pencil-ish skirt instead for that school girly thing they sometimes do. The pink fabric was cute so I made a little apron with a lace frill and big old ribbon. Yes?

I just remembered to add only the best bag I've ever had the privilege of being given...my step mom bought it for me just before I left Taiwan... isn't it magnificent!

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