Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gloves Again

Hiiiiiyeeeeee!! I'm so excited, I designed the cutest pair of gloves and am very keen to make more and sell them..

[10 minutes later...] Okay I'm so effing frustrated now, I just tried to set up a PayPal account in vain hope of creating an adorable online glove store...ARARRrrrghh!! When I click on 'Add Bank Account' it asks which AMERICAN bank account I want to add... why give South Africans the option of using paypal if you can only use an American bank account?! Am I missing something here? This is extreeeeemely annoying and my little vial of patience has been drained. If anyone has answers for me... please...

Anyway here are the cute gloves! I want to do lots more colours.. this just happened to be the colour combination that was lying around at the time.. I wana try lots of different vinyls and leathers and nice yarns.. I have some Angora rabbit yarn that will go down a treat with some soft leather.. eep excitement!

Oh another little project I did was this scarf for my friend's birthday... The stitch actually looked more interesting when in was on my machine, it had pretty loops but they sort of stretched out when I took it off. Next time I'll make the loops bigger me thinks. The yarn is a combination of mohair and cotton, it has a lovely pearly lustre. Doesn't she look pretty in it.

P.S. If anyone has any alternate ideas on how to sell online, eg direct bank transfers? Do people do that? I'm new at this xoxo

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  1. ebay, etsy.com. use paypal for online money transfers. :)