Sunday, May 17, 2009

Whats black and white and red all over?

Without sounding toooooo Sex and the City; starting the weekend off with my 3 close friends and cocktails on the beachfront is always good. When it leads to a metal-head gig at a dingy 'alternative bar' though, I usually end up going home at 10pm to blog or listen to a Harry Potter audio book or something.

I wore my new gladiator heels to cocktails, as a test of my endurance. I figured if I can manage in them after two-for-one cocktails on a Friday night, I'll hang on to them (I was having second thoughts about them because I bought them a size too small and they are uber high - bad combo). I teamed them up with some black tights, a turquoise vintage dress which I modified, one of my shrug/scarves and a coat - because I had the flu, again.

Spent the rest of the weekend playing Eternal Sonata on Xbox, trying out the new treadmill and powerplate machine at Kyles place, knitting, and watching tv. This cutie pie slept with us last night, oh my gosh so cute!! Cute cute cute!

Oh and this is what I knitted today, another shrug/scarf. I quite like this, with the cream stripe. Its knitted in a very fine mohair yarn, super soft!


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