Monday, April 13, 2009


So this is my third creative project; shopping at the Splash Festival. The reason it falls under my 'creative projects' category is because one really needs to be creative to be able to shop (and find something worth buying) at the Splash. So amongst all the junk, hypnotist shows and greasy food stalls, I found 3 items. The first is a scarf from and eastern type stall. I thought the print was quite nice and I might be able to make a top or something with it, since its a decent size piece of cloth. I wouldn't wear it as a scarf and I'm going to have to be quite careful not to make whatever garment I use it for look too exotic-beach/evening-dress-a-la-JLo. We'll see what happens when I get some inspiration for it.

The second item is a sweet little black chiffon blouse with a bow, which will look cute with something cinched in the waist because its quite wide. And of course it will need a nice lacy cami or something. Which reminds me, my boyfriend's step mom gave me a black bag full of sewing wonders. Lots of antique lace, crochet cotton, ribbons, belt buckles, buttons and the list goes on. Yay how lovely! I'll post more about it later, was too lazy to bring the massive bag up to my flat tonight.

Anyway, the third item is an adorable grey patent Alice band with a cute bow type thing, similar to the bows they make with florist ribbon to put on gifts. I love Alice bands.

I haven't been sticking to my contract and doing projects everyday, since this Easter weekend has been quite busy. We did the whole Sunday lunch with family thing, and today I had to help Kyle move. Also I started playing this new game on Kyle's xbox (yes), its called Eternal Sonata, and its exquisite. Its taken up the rest of my weekend. Look how pretty it is...

Beauuuuutiful. Anyway its late and my eyes are drooping, so cheerio! xoxo

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