Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Felt good

Puns. Hi hi hi... SO my first project using the bag of goodies! I decided the first ingredient I'd use from the bag of wonders would be the felt. I saw some children's felt puppets up in Plett over the holidays and have been keen to try out some felt art for myself. There wasn't much of a selection when it came to colours, most of the pieces were green and looked much like pool table felt. I found a nice pink piece, but when I applied the glue, it seeped right through and made horrible marks all over my clam shell. Maybe I should use Pritt rather than clear adhesive? Anyway, I ended up using black.



I thought I'd just throw in a picture of my favourite shoes, thrifted at Hospice. They're so beautifully worn, oh and they're resting on my favourite shrug too, also thrifted from Hospice.

And this, I forgot to add in the previous post, I found it in the bag and had a giggle. Its braiding with cute little hand embroidered socks across it. So sweet.



  1. I love old groggy looking shoes :)
    They're a bit of practical history.

  2. aw no....they're cool shoes!!
    xx-LJ from SOS!