Thursday, April 9, 2009

The beginning

This year has pretty much been a holiday so far, which one would think would result in endless bouts of creativity and experimentation. But in reality I've been a little lazy spending most of my days watching Days and repeats of Days (and shootin' some B-ball outsida school). Okay its not that bad, I have been knitting.

So starting today, I'm going to try to do at least one creative project/make one creative item per day *signs mental contract*.

We went out last night and I got chatting to my good friend, Sarah, of Titmore & Asspley. I've been keen to design a pair of lacy crocheted pasties or tassles for one of her collections and after much excitable idea-sharing banter we decided they would be awesome.
Many distractions later, I found myself lying in bed, unable to sleep with an incredible urge to crochet. The granny in me keeps popping up. This is what happened:

Quite cute non? They're not quite perfection yet, I need to write out the pattern and try get them exactly the same as one another. And thats just the crocheted bit, I still want to put a proper backing on them with black glitter and maybe a tassle. I think they may turn out rather marvellous.

Oh there is one other thing that's been keeping me occupied. Every Thursday morning since 2 weeks ago, I've been helping out at a mission centre in a very underpriviledged area outside of town called Kleinskool. They have a number of knitting machines there, a shipping container full of yarn and fabric and a whole lot of other stuff, all of which has been donated. Basically we've been teaching the ladies there skills which can provide them with an income. I've been doing machine knitting and crochet with them, and its good fun. They're lovely to work with and always keen for new ideas. I've also been giving them designs to work on that they can sell in the community. I haven't taken my camera with yet, but I will do next week and get some pics of what we've been up to.


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  1. Hey! Your blog is super! Im doing fashion design too and I just love looking at your work! =)