Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Wild geese that fly with the moon on their wings

These are a few of my favourite things.

So I've taken to crocheting. I tried it out last year and thought it was pretty l-ame. I retried it out in December and thought it was cool, but soon realised that I was doing it all wrong. For anyone who knows anything about crochet, I was basically just doing hundreds of chains, trying to make them look like lace or something. My mom only came to my rescue (crochet rescue, dramatic as it sounds) last month and taught me how to do it properly. Now I think its radical.

Lame. Cool. Radical. Evolutionary. So anyways, I made my first actual item, or pair of items, for my best friend's birthday. Its a pair of fingerless gloves in beautiful flamingo pink! They're all acrylic, but I couldn't find such an awesome colour in anything else. Eep I love them.

My boyfriend just took these photo's while watching some big football match which explains their lack of professionalism.

I also thought I'd mention that I quite like buying sunglasses, but never wear them. I'm paranoid about the red marks they leave on my nose. Hmmphf. Here are some that I like. Wayfarer's are a bit waaay over saturated (over saturated is what I said), but some red in a picture is always nice. I used my cover of Valley of the Dolls as a prop, because its also one of my favourite things. The book that is, not the cover. I cant find it. Hmm.

These deserve their own frame because they have the most beautiful case. I think I might like the case more than the glasses.

Oh and my most favourite thing...

liefde x

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