Friday, April 17, 2009


Hai! Yesterday my lovely boyfriend took my on the first half of my 21st birthday shopping spree... yay! I bought some fantastic items, which I will share after my birthday, since I'm only actually getting them then. But the one thing he let me keep was this exquisite yarn. Its black and dark dark maroon with black glittery pieces and looks a lot like fur. So I knitted it into a scarfie type thing this morning. I felt like getting dressed up all fifties, since I was invited to some event at the Opera House (that place always makes me feel rather grand). I feel a bit silly uploading these photos, but I had lots of fun doing a little home photoshoot hehe...The furry yarn is alot prettier in reality, the glitteriness doesn't show up so well in the photo's.

And then I got carried away

This is what inspired me

Oh my god, Elie Saab, that is the best fur item I've ever seen! Magnificent!


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  1. wow, sounds wonderful. what a great boyfriend *-*