Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In the woods

This shoot was done in a last minute panic to add some work to my portfolio for a major competition. Sasha loves nature shoots so we decided to head out of town to a little spot just outside The Island, a bar out in the bush. We found this beautiful scenery which worked quite well with the whole feel, I thought.

This dress is draped and handsewn using a curtain I found at Art in the Park. I used the big gathers at the top of the curtain as a feature on the dress (over the bust). This also worked really well because, since I was in a serious rush, I didn't put any zips or anything in and the drawstring on the curtain served as a closure for the dress. Yay for multifuctional.

This skirt is also a curtain, from my aunt. It's also just draped and handsewn and also has a drawstring closure. Yay again. The green cami is from Woolworths and the champagne frilly one underneath is one that I made years and years ago.

The fabric is so exquisite on both of these curtains, so I'm glad I didn't have to cut them up. I'm gona unpick and reuse them at some stage. There we are, sustainability. Recycling. Saving the world, one curtain at a time.

I found this fur at Art in the Park on the same day I got the green curtain. I decided it was alright to buy it since the man told me it was made in 1910 and I'm sure they didn't torture the poor critters in those days. I love animals.
The dress is another hand sewn and draped piece of fabric that I got at MGE, a local fabric store.

Dress by me. Fur from Art in the Park. Belt thrifted.

Dress - me.

Dress by me. The skirt underneath was green and I tried to tie dye it with purple dye and it just came out grey. Bleh. I guess it works.

I had to include all three of these shots because they are just incredible. The dress is thrifted/altered.Stripy peplum top and crocheted shrug both thrifted.

That print is worth living for. My favourite EVER.

Dress by moi, my mom found the beautiful fabric (like 5 metres of it) for a pound in a thrift store in little Bexhill on Sea in the UK. Love it! Pink blouse thrifted, a gift from Dacey.

Photography by Sasha Hatherly

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